Electricians: Ignite a Spark and Learn About Electricy

Electricians: Ignite a Spark and Learn About Electricy

Data Cabling: 3 Reasons You Should Never Use Copper Clad Aluminium Cables

Byron Holmes

If you are considering installing a new data cabling system in your home, you may be tempted to use aluminium cables which have been clad in copper. However, using this type of cable has some drawbacks, and it isn't such as smart idea. Just in case you are in any doubt, below is a guide to 3 reasons aluminium and copper data cables aren't as beneficial as other options.

Copper clad aluminium cables can overheat

Data travels down a cable in the form of electricity. This electrical current will find it much easier to travel down the copper-cladding than the inner-aluminium core, as aluminium offers a higher level of electrical resistance. This resistance may result in the aluminium becoming very hot. This heat can increase the risk that an electrical fire will break out in your home. Using fibre optics or pure copper cabling can help to reduce the risk of overheating.

Copper clad aluminium cables aren't very malleable

When you are installing your new data cable set up, it is unlikely that you will be installing the wire along a straight line from point A to point B. In all likelihood, you will need to bend the cable so that it bends around corners and up walls. However, aluminium is not a very malleable substance. This increases the risk that cracks could begin to develop within the cable as you bend and move it into shape during installation. Any damage will reduce the reliability of any data signal which is transmitted down the cable and around the network. Copper and fibre optic cable are much more malleable and are therefore the preferred choice.

Copper clad aluminium cables are susceptible to oxidation

If any part of the aluminium within the data cable is exposed to the air, it will be susceptible to the process of oxidation. Oxidation occurs when aluminium spontaneously react to form aluminium oxide. As this layer of oxidisation accumulates on any damaged areas or connection points, it can disrupt the quality of data transmission. Copper cabling does not react in the same way, which makes it a much better choice.

Many modern households rely heavily on electronic data connections in order to run the many items of technology which are now an everyday part of family life. If you would like further advice about the installation of a data cable system in your home, you should contract an electrical contractor today.


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