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Electricians: Ignite a Spark and Learn About Electricy

Hot Water Maintenance You Should Leave to Professionals

Byron Holmes

There are some hot water maintenance items that any homeowner can put on their checklist and handle. Most of these are small things like checking for leaks on a routine basis or making sure that you drain your water heater on occasion. There are some hot water maintenance items that should be left to the professionals in order to reduce chances of injury or costly replacement and repairs. Here are a few of those items and what you should know about each one:

Valve Cleaning

One of the hot water maintenance checks to avoid yourself is valve cleaning. The main idea behind this type of cleaning is that the valves are removed and cleaned to remove any corrosion or clogs. The truth is, a professional plumber does a lot more than just give the valves a good cleaning. Your plumber will also check the pressure going through the valves to determine if there are any potential leaks or issues. They will reseal the valves and ensure they are operational once they are replaced. This is something that you may not have the proper tools for or overlook easily which could cost pipe blowouts, hot water heating leakage, and costly repairs.

Flushing the Tank

If you have a traditional hot water system, then you have a hot water tank. This tank will need to be flushed on occasion. This task consists of opening the valves and releasing all of the water in the tank. In some cases, a chemical may be used to clean the tank before new water is put in. Most homeowners will simply flush the water and refill it rather than clean the inside of the tank in some way. This is where the professional plumber steps in. If there is debris or something in the tank causing issues with the water, all you do is refill it and continue the issue. A professional will use special cleaning agents and pressure in some cases to flush the water and debris out of the tank and then refill it with the issue causing water contamination removed.

Temperature Adjustments

You may think that adjusting the temperature of your hot water system is an easy task that can be handled by anyone. The truth is, it isn't as easy as some would think. In some cases, an improper temperature adjustment could lead to water being dangerously hot in the home, damage to PVC pipes, and possible hot water heater damage such as explosions or bursts. A professional plumber knows the proper temperature levels and knows how to set the levels to the desired temperature without damage.

If you have not had these maintenance tasks completed, either by yourself or a professional, then you should contact your local plumber for an appointment. They can also perform general inspections to ensure there are no other issues with your home plumbing.


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