Electricians: Ignite a Spark and Learn About Electricy

Electricians: Ignite a Spark and Learn About Electricy

6 Instances When you Should Call an Electrician

Byron Holmes

When it comes to your home's electrical needs, simple do-it-yourself fixes will suffice in some instances, but there are instances where it is necessary to contact a professional electrician. Below are some of those situations.

Damaged fuses

If your circuit breakers keep tripping or your fuses regularly blow, you need to call an electrician. Replacing fuses and constantly re-setting circuit breakers will not solve the problem.  The two are an indicator of an underlying problem that only a licensed electrician can diagnose and resolve.

Flickering lights

If your lights flicker now and then, there is a likely overload on the circuit. This is likely to occur when some appliances are plugged in, and if not checked, it could lead to damage to your electronics.

Burning odour

When you notice a distinct burning odour being produced by electrical appliances, call your electrician immediately. It is not a good idea to wait it as overloaded circuit breakers could spark and result in a fire which puts your entire family in danger.

Hot outlets and a tingling feeling

The electrical outlet should never get hot even when you use high voltage appliances. If it does, something is wrong. If a switch or outlet gives you a mild shock when touched, you are treading on dangerous ground. The problem could simply be an overloaded circuit or something more serious. Do not try to figure it out on your own but seek the help of a licensed electrician.

When you need additional sockets

If your outlets don't accept the three- prong plugs, there is a need to get them replaced. This problem is not just an inconvenience but an indicator that the wiring system is not well grounded. Another issue to consider is the presence of too many cables on the floor. This is an indicator that the electrical outlets are not sufficient and you have to rely on extensions to meet your needs. Having electrical cables on the floor can be a health hazard.

Appliance repairs

It is tempting to try DIY repair for your appliances to save a coin. While it is not difficult to fix common problems in small appliances, it is not advisable to open major appliances especially if you have little expertise. The repairs could appear easy when you watch them online, but without the technical know-how, you are likely to cause further damage. Appliance repairs should be done by a licensed and experienced electrician.

It is important to remember that electricity is dangerous and needs a trained professional to handle it. If something goes wrong, the result could be injury or even death. To prevent such eventualities, take the necessary precautions and give a licensed electrician a call for your electrical problems.


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