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Electricians: Ignite a Spark and Learn About Electricy

Signs that the Pressure Switch on Your Well Pump Requires Replacement

Byron Holmes

A pressure switch is a critical component of your well pump, as it regulates how the pump turns on and off. It controls water flow and adjusts water pressure to ensure that the pump works efficiently. A faulty pressure switch can affect the performance of the entire pump. It can also cause damage to the pump by failing to regulate the pressure when needed. For this reason, it is critical to monitor the component so that you can identify signs of a defect before you incur costly repairs.

Where is the pressure switch located?

Before identifying the signs of imminent failure, you need to know where the pressure switch for your well pump is located. Doing so will allow you to inspect it often and look out for signs of defect when the pump is not working correctly. If you have a submersible pump, the switch will be located where the pressure tank is. This may be in the garage or basement. If you have a non-submersible pump, the switch will be located on the pump.

There are numbers on the side of the switch that correspond to the pressure at which the pump will start to fill the tank up to the one number at which the pump will stop. The numbers are adjustable depending on the needs of your facility.

Signs of a faulty pressure switch

The following are some of the signs that indicate a problem with your pressure switch, and they should be addressed immediately to avoid damage to your well pump.

Pump operates erratically

One of the evident signs of a faulty pressure switch is a pump that operates erratically. Listen to your well pump as it operates and note after how often it turns on and off. If it does so every few seconds, your pressure switch is not working correctly. This is known as short-cycling, and you should have the switch repaired or replaced to restore normal operations of the pump.

Low water pressure

Have you had moments where the pump is working correctly, but the water pressure in your faucets is weaker than usual? This is usually as a result of a broken pressure switch. Since it is in charge of regulating pressure, the switch should ensure that water flows out steadily and in the right pressure.

No water

You may notice that your water pump is not working and there is no water flowing in your plumbing fixtures. In this case, the pump or the pressure switch could be broken. You should have an experienced contractor inspect the entire system and run diagnostics.

Call a professional electrician or water pump repair technician to inspect your water pump and pressure switch so that they can carry out repairs and restore the operation of the system.


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