Electricians: Ignite a Spark and Learn About Electricy

Electricians: Ignite a Spark and Learn About Electricy

HID or LED - What Lighting Solution Should You Choose for Your Warehouse?

Byron Holmes

When it's time to retrofit your warehouse, you may be thinking about a lighting upgrade and are aware of two different solutions: high-intensity discharge lamps and light-emitting diodes. The former (HID) has been around for decades, while LED lighting is a relative newcomer and has certainly become a popular choice in recent years. How do you compare the two, and what decision should you take?

HID Lamps

HID lights come in many varieties, from ceramic metal halide to high-pressure sodium. They work by passing an arc of electricity between two conductors and via an ionised plasma gas. These lights need to be warmed up before they can achieve their full intensity and require an electrical ballast device to control varying voltage demands.

HID lights were "the rage" in times gone by, but over time, they gradually become less efficient, and as they do, they'll use more voltage to give the same type of luminosity. Nevertheless, the type of light emitted is of very high quality and perfect for a large space, such as a warehouse.

LED Lighting

On the other hand, LED lamps rely on diodes that pass energy between an anode and a cathode. They are made from selenium and have an extremely lengthy lifespan, more so than HID. They are also very energy-efficient, and the long term cost associated with LED will be much lower than HID. They don't have any perceptible warm-up period, but the upfront costs are definitely higher than the alternative. And yes, they are a fantastic solution for warehouses as well.

You will need to allow for long term maintenance as well. High-intensity discharge lamps do require some TLC, while LEDs typically do not.

Lighting Control

Consider your carbon footprint and your need to regulate your lighting expenditures. For example, you may want to introduce a dimming capability for periods of downtime and LEDs are a perfect choice for that. They're very easy to dim, while HID lights may be problematic, as you may need to introduce alternative forms of ballast. This process can also affect the HID's characteristics, leading to problems with longevity and premature failure. While you always want to reduce that footprint, you won't want to do so it could lead to much higher expenditure.

Asking an Electrician

Before you make your final decision, talk with an electrician. They can analyse your warehouse space and provide you with additional advice, so you always choose the right solution. Reach out to a lighting technician to learn more.


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