Electricians: Ignite a Spark and Learn About Electricy

Electricians: Ignite a Spark and Learn About Electricy

  • Hot Water Maintenance You Should Leave to Professionals

    There are some hot water maintenance items that any homeowner can put on their checklist and handle. Most of these are small things like checking for leaks on a routine basis or making sure that you drain your water heater on occasion. There are some hot water maintenance items that should be left to the professionals in order to reduce chances of injury or costly replacement and repairs. Here are a few of those items and what you should know about each one:

  • Residential Electrical Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

    Many homeowners only pick up their phones to call electricians when things get out of hand -- for instance, when a fuse blows because of an electrical surge. However, by the time such an incident happens, it could be too late; your home might be engulfed in an electrical fire, causing thousands of dollars in damages or even deaths. Therefore, it is wise to perform necessary precautionary steps in all residential electrical outlets and fixtures to keep your home safe.

  • How Home Owners Can Save Electricity and Keep Their Electricity Bills Down While Using Appliances

    Household appliances such as air conditioners, space heaters, refrigerators, washing machines and clothes dryers make life so much more comfortable and simple, but they also have another thing in common — they all use electricity. As the cost of electricity continues to go up, many Australian homeowners are keen on saving electricity and keeping down the cost of operating their household appliances. If you belong to this category of homeowners, you should consider trying these tips to help lower your monthly electricity bills.

  • Data Cabling: 3 Reasons You Should Never Use Copper Clad Aluminium Cables

    If you are considering installing a new data cabling system in your home, you may be tempted to use aluminium cables which have been clad in copper. However, using this type of cable has some drawbacks, and it isn't such as smart idea. Just in case you are in any doubt, below is a guide to 3 reasons aluminium and copper data cables aren't as beneficial as other options. Copper clad aluminium cables can overheat

  • Hiring an Electrical Contractor for the First Time: 5 Top Tips

    If you are planning to have work carried out on your home, you will need to call in an electrician. If you haven't hired an electrical contractor before, you may be looking for some top tips which will ensure that the process goes smoothly. Below is a guide of the steps you should take when you are hiring an electrician. Check their qualifications When looking for an electrical contractor, the first step you need to take is to check on their skills and certifications.

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Electricians: Ignite a Spark and Learn About Electricy

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